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Tamworth Residence

Tamworth Residence

This home was conceptualized as a small farmhouse and is situated on a semi-exposed knoll with limited access to southern sun. It is a small, energy-efficient (Energy Star certified) structure designed for a single, professional mom. Overall dimensions are 18’ X 36’ and the total square footage main and upper floors is just under 1,200 SF. There is also a 640 SF unfinished basement that is part of the heated envelope.


Design requirements were that the building be energy efficient, easy to maintain and comfortable, with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and using as many locally-sourced materials as feasible. The budget was very limited.


This home is constructed with locally-sourced pine and maple, and regionally sourced eastern white cedar and red oak. The building has an advanced thermal envelope. HERS rating is 53.


This house represents an important trend in new home construction. It is a small(er) single- family residence utilizing an advanced thermal envelope that manages to retain the charm of New England farmhouse vernacular. The price point for this residence offers an opportunity for many families with middle incomes to afford a custom-designed, energy-efficient home that utilizes locally- and regionally-sourced material, and will require minimal upkeep through the years.


A 2012 Building New Hampshire Award Winner - The ‘Doug George’ award is an honor of the highest caliber, given to one builder each year who builds a safe, durable, healthy home following the best practices in high-performance building.


Winner of a 2012 HBRANH ‘Cornerstone’ Award. Bronze - Single Family Residence under $500k.


2014 NH Home Magazine's 'Home of the Year’


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