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Grandview Residence

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For years the owners of ‘Grandview’ dreamed of building a net-zero home.


“We envisioned living a zero combustion lifestyle with electrified transportation - all while harvesting power to support this lifestyle from on-site renewable energy systems.”


‘Grandview’ straddles a cleared ridge with stunning mountain views. The building is low and angular - recalling the mountains that surround the home. The residence is built to EnergyStar standards (5star plus). The HERS rating is -24. Heating and air-conditioning is provided by mini-split heat-pumps. All appliances use electricity and are EnergyStar rated. This includes the heat-pump water heater, a heat-pump clothes dryer, an induction stovetop, and a convection oven.


The building runs entirely on electricity. On-site there is an 18 KWH solar array that produces enough renewable energy to offset all electricity used in the home. This includes: the heating/cooling, water heating, appliances, lighting, the owner’s electric vehicles.


During construction, careful attention was paid to air infiltration/exfiltration detailing. This resulted in an extraordinarily tight house - scoring the best blower door test the home energy examiner had ever seen. Because the home has a large bank of windows facing north to the view, windows with the highest R value of any window made at that time we’re chosen for the project. The home has double-wall construction with a thermal envelope. The wall insulation value = R 42. The roof insulation value = R 60+



This home placed second overall in the 2019 NHSaves Drive to Net-Zero Competition.


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