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Kelly Brook Boathouse


As with many “outbuilding” projects, this 520.0 square foot structure started with a smaller program–the owner was simply interested in having a private office/study that was separate from the main residence, but near enough to be within walking distance.


The main residence and an existing ramshackle boat shed were located within 20 feet of a year- round brook. The family thought the original boat shed location would still be ideal for storing their many kayaks and canoes, in addition to serving as the new study.


In addition, because the brook adjacent to the site runs clear and cold throughout the year, our design evolved to include a sauna—something that had been on the families wish list for many years.


This led to a design scheme with a central open "nave" space where firewood and boats could be stored, flanked on the sides by an office and a sauna. The boat storage area also seconds as a delightful place to hang a hammock for an afternoon nap.


Locally rough-sawn pine was used for all framing and sheathing materials, giving the building a simple camp appeal. Red cedar shingles were used for the exterior siding; left in their natural state they will weather with grace. Red cedar hand-split shakes were used for roofing.


Scrolled rafter tails and “mini” knee braces were incorporated into the design as a nod to the aesthetic of the existing residence. The result was this "sweet" little boathouse. 


Winner of a 2014 HBRANH 'Cornerstone' Award - Silver, Specialty Outbuilding


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